Tree Fertilization & Soil Care

Healthy plants begin with healthy soils. Fertilization is just the start. Adjusting soil pH and ensuring adequate organic matter is present are also key to healthy soils. For plants in urban and suburban soils, Whack’em & Stack’em can simulate the optimal conditions for growth found in nature.


Tree Removal

In the Lowcountry, tree removal is as easy as a phone call to Whack ‘Em and Stack ‘Em. No matter how large the job, we are dedicated to providing professional, prompt service on every project that we complete. You can count on Whack ‘Em & Stack ‘Em to remove any hazardous trees from your property.


Commercial Landscaping

At Whack’em & Stack’em, we understand that attractive landscaping , well-maintained common areas and a pleasant environment are essential to the quality of life for any commercial property. We provide commercial landscaping services for property management and development needs.


Tree Stump Grinding

If you’re like many other property owners in the Lowcountry, then you’re not alone in experiencing the frustration of having too many tree stumps marring your beautiful property. Whack ‘Em & Stack ‘Em offers tree stump grinding services to deal with your tree stump problems once and for all.


Residential Landscaping

Whether you’re interested in extensive installation, garden maintenance, or treatment of only one area of your garden, Whack’em & Stack’em’s experienced and highly-trained staff  will help create the beautiful and functional setting you envision. Call us today to book an appointment.


Tree Care Maintenance

Do you need Low-country tree care service? Whack ‘Em & Stack ‘Em can help to keep your home’s landscaping safe, valuable and visually appealing. At Whack ‘Em & Stack ‘Em, we understand how important your property’s shrubs and trees are to its landscaping design.


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